The rent of warehouse is rising in Shanghai

Shelf steel layer board adopt a quadrilateral bending forming cold-rolled steel sheet according to the required size.   Read More >>

The shelf should not be too high. No matter what the warehouse shelf types, reliability and maneuverability is particularly important   Read More >>

When the slide is mounted on the shelf, it should be guaranteed to have a certain slope, and the tray can be moved in heavy duty.   Read More >>

Heavy duty racking system adopts the roller design, tilt, appropriate use of gravity driven flow of goods, the tray with dense best physical storage and circulation, achieve fifo logistics effect, a dense storage warehouse system   Read More >>

With the rapid development of modern information technology, logistics industry informationization trend is inevitable   Read More >>

Support beam as a kind of shelf parts, the scope of application is very broad.   Read More >>

Mezzanine Floor shelving is suitable for the medium is placed a unified and specifications of products, easy to classify, pickup is convenient, quick, firm structure   Read More >>

Characteristics of Mezzanine Floor shelving  

the shelves for \"life\", avoid the waste of execution resources   Read More >>

Transparent sense shelving and warehouse technology through the uhf RFID grid space identification technology, intelligent perception would be installed on the shelves of position and indicating device   Read More >>