Reducing logistic storage warehouse costs

When the slide is mounted on the shelf, it should be guaranteed to have a certain slope, and the tray can be moved in heavy duty.   Read More >>

Heavy duty racking system adopts the roller design, tilt, appropriate use of gravity driven flow of goods, the tray with dense best physical storage and circulation, achieve fifo logistics effect, a dense storage warehouse system   Read More >>

With the rapid development of modern information technology, logistics industry informationization trend is inevitable   Read More >>

Support beam as a kind of shelf parts, the scope of application is very broad.   Read More >>

Mezzanine Floor shelving is suitable for the medium is placed a unified and specifications of products, easy to classify, pickup is convenient, quick, firm structure   Read More >>

Characteristics of Mezzanine Floor shelving  

the shelves for \"life\", avoid the waste of execution resources   Read More >>

Transparent sense shelving and warehouse technology through the uhf RFID grid space identification technology, intelligent perception would be installed on the shelves of position and indicating device   Read More >>

In the field of warehouse management, customer need to speed up the flow of goods, on the one hand to improve warehouse space utilization; On the other hand is limited by the existing goods stored in warehouse management rules and the management efficiency of the game   Read More >>

Storage shelving bearing strength, storage shelving, each carrying up to 5000 kg, access to the most convenient and fast, is the most widely used tray class goods storage system, has the strong versatility.   Read More >>