Heavy Duty Racking System Adopts the Aoller Design

T Racking just finish the production of one big mezzanine floor project for mechanical customer in Africa. This is a 2 section projects, which bring big large economical value to the customer.   Read More >>

Generally speaking, warehouse wire mesh partition is a special protection product which can separate warehouse region. The function can be increased to racking system, which can be used for divide different working area and unti thief.   Read More >>

T Racking raining reminder - Choose Suitable Racking & shelving In Rain Area   Read More >>

In the spring March, the March 8th women's day is coming again. We just send our warm regards to you on behalf of all the male staff of T Racking, wish you are happy women's day and beautiful forever.   Read More >>

Rolled Edge Shelving Sample Finished  

Warehouse is a place where company store material and keep inventory, it’s very important area to reduce operation cost, but seldom put into important area by companies.   Read More >>