The proper use of pallet

Characteristics of Mezzanine Floor shelving  

the shelves for \"life\", avoid the waste of execution resources   Read More >>

Transparent sense shelving and warehouse technology through the uhf RFID grid space identification technology, intelligent perception would be installed on the shelves of position and indicating device   Read More >>

In the field of warehouse management, customer need to speed up the flow of goods, on the one hand to improve warehouse space utilization; On the other hand is limited by the existing goods stored in warehouse management rules and the management efficiency of the game   Read More >>

Storage shelving bearing strength, storage shelving, each carrying up to 5000 kg, access to the most convenient and fast, is the most widely used tray class goods storage system, has the strong versatility.   Read More >>

Beam shelving, commonly known as loft-style shelves again, or pallet racking, as part of the pallet rack   Read More >>

The packing is very important to protect rut shelving from sea freight damage. T Racking pack the shelving firmly and looks very nice.   Read More >>

Cargo load into racking system from one side then slide to the other side. There is stopper to control the speed. Material handing equipment could load/unload cargo easily.   Read More >>

Removable, fully adjustable pallets that can change and grow with your storage requirements   Read More >>

Structure is simple but reliable. Usually major components includes upright frame, beam, wire decking or steel shelf.   Read More >>