T-Racking mobile warehouse storage shelving

Warehouse shelving is a kind of frame structure, can make full use of space. The attic type shelf plays an important role in modern logistics activities, and the modernization of warehouse management is directly related to the types and functions of the shelves.   Read More >>

Warehouse shelving should be experienced qualified before using.   Read More >>

Case Name: Singapore Heavy Duty Racking Case Area: singapore, Southeast Asia Case type: Heavy Duty Racking & Wire Decking We got an inquiry of heavy duty racking  from Singapore  one month ago, the customer is a big industry company in Singapore, they requested heavy duty racking very urgent, they hoped to install the racking in the end of 2017, then our designers and engineers designed this project for them. After comparing with other suppliers, they decided to place this order from our company as our high-class project and favorable price, also we are leading supplier of warehouse racking and sheliving in China. We arranged the production immediately after they confirm this project, our production department worked overtime as our customer requested very urgent. Finally,  the delivery time only cost 15 days to fulfil this order ahead of schedule , then we shipped this order from Shanghai to Singapore as attached shipping picture. After installation as attached pictures, our customers check every detail and they are very satisfied of our high quality racking . And they are looking forward to build a long cooperation relationship with our company. Now, they are preparing for the next order. If you would like a quotation or further information on this product or other rackings and shelvings, please feel free to contact us. Tong Li logistic Equipments Co., Ltd |Website 1: |Website 2: |Email:[email protected] |M:86-15151534802|T:86-512-67700835 | F:86-512-65982697     Read More >>

Shelf steel layer board adopt a quadrilateral bending forming cold-rolled steel sheet according to the required size.   Read More >>

The shelf should not be too high. No matter what the warehouse shelf types, reliability and maneuverability is particularly important   Read More >>

When the slide is mounted on the shelf, it should be guaranteed to have a certain slope, and the tray can be moved in heavy duty.   Read More >>

Heavy duty racking system adopts the roller design, tilt, appropriate use of gravity driven flow of goods, the tray with dense best physical storage and circulation, achieve fifo logistics effect, a dense storage warehouse system   Read More >>

With the rapid development of modern information technology, logistics industry informationization trend is inevitable   Read More >>

Support beam as a kind of shelf parts, the scope of application is very broad.   Read More >>

Mezzanine Floor shelving is suitable for the medium is placed a unified and specifications of products, easy to classify, pickup is convenient, quick, firm structure   Read More >>