The bearing of shelves should how to choose?

Pallet was loaded into racking by forklift, then slide into the other side under help of gravity.   Read More >>

It’s suitable for storage lots of the same cargo, the storage density is very high. It has first in first out loading rule. The depth and height can be customized.   Read More >>

Rolled Upright Type (RUT) shelving is a steel shelving system that is extremely versatile.   Read More >>

It can maximum warehouse height, the cargo height can be close to warehouse height.   Read More >>

Usually we use heavy duty pallet racking or medium duty longspan shelving as the frame support the mezzanine, for light duty mezzanine we can also use boltless shelving.   Read More >>

Our pallet shelving system only use quality steel from world famous steel group like Bao Stell, An Steel, with the help of advnaced tooling equipment, the system can be used for more than 20 years. We have export more than 3,000 pallet shelving projects to all over the world   Read More >>

Longspan has fully adjustable shelf heights, long spans. it’s suitable for everything from small parts through to long, heavy or bulky goods. And because it uses a modular design and bolt-free lock-in system requiring no special tools, it’s installed in a few minutes.   Read More >>

Cantilever racking system fulfils all the requirements of an economic storage of long and heavy goods.   Read More >>

Cargo load into racking system from one side then slide to the other side. There is stopper to control the speed. Material handing equipment could load/unload cargo easily.   Read More >>

When customer need to load/unload files, just move the handle to allow aisle for man to walk through the shelving unit, then load/unload by hand. Lock the shelving unit before enter the shelving system, this can prevent shelving system damage people.   Read More >>